Unique blend of roots rock and jam band with a twist.



Peace of G is a blend of roots rock and jam band with a twist.  They perform using different configurations of the band to fit most any venue.  From acoustic guitars, upright bass and conga’s to full electric guitars, electric bass, drums and sometimes a horn section.  The band sports all four members singing.  Great harmonies, fun lyrics and jams that become journey’s.  Gerard Serafini is the founder, songwriter, singer and guitar player for Peace of G.  He is not your normal singer/songwriter.  He has a unique voice combined with great harmonies within their web of music.  Michael Noel plays guitar and sings backup vocals.  He is an amazing guitarist with a blend of many great players mixed into his own special and magical style.  Do not miss the opportunity to experience him with Peace of G.  Michael Lipuma, songwriter, bass player, singer and the other peace of magic in the band.  He sings both lead and backup vocals along with writing great songs.  His bass playing is both melodic and solid in the pocket. He inspires the jam in all of us.  King Daddy (Murray) is the most versatile percussionist and drummer.  He plays conga’s up to a full drum set with an occasional washboard. He can make the band fit any venue that has size and volume constraints.  All members have been playing professionally for over 30 plus years.  Combined they have played shows with Los Lobos, Robbin Ford, Starship, Zero, Buffalo Springfield and many more.  They all toured both locally and internationally with gigs at the Cavern Club in Liverpool and other iconic venues.  Come see the band and experience their recipe of rock twisted into the music from Peace of G.